Sadness seems to be with me like a
Cancer consuming my bodily remains
Afraid and abandoned by all I let it
Richly reduce me
Emptying me entirely until I feel
Deeply dead inside


Alone but a breathe mist

Everyday that passes I feel more alone
Someday a day goes past when I hear
No other voice but my own.
I have to tap myself, talk to myself
To prove that I do exist
To others I must appear as though a vapour
Of breath that one extinguishes from your mouth
Unnoticed by adults only the children that talk to me
I wonder as to why I pass by like a ghost
Once I thought that this I must be
But as I walked towards the wall
I hit the cold hard painful reality.
That I was here
People choose not to see me.
The pain at not being seen is
Like I was thrown into a cage of starving tigers
In bits now
I would do anything to be noticed
I note down the traits of those that talk
Compare them to my own
Try to become them
But it fails to work
Or they fail to notice
I realise now
I need to embrace

I’d like to be you

My names me
Yes me, that’s me
Being me
I hate to be
I would rather be
Anyone that isn’t me
Quite happily I’d be you
Yes you, yep YOU
Being you I’d like to do
For in being you
I wouldn’t be
The me, yes me
I hate to be.
But if
I cannot be you
The you ,yes you
I’d like to be
I would then
Like to be
We, us, she or he
For all of them
Must be better
Then being me

My resolution breaker

A new year has reached us
Time for new starts
I enter this year
With hope in my heart.

I will start a new diet
I won’t eat that cake
Another resolution I know I will break.
Instead I will start
By going to the gym
Determined determined
I will become thin.
But we all know come February
I’m sure to give in

So instead I will learn something new
Surely that’s something that I can see through.
But to do that takes time
Time I don’t get
Ashame I always wanted to play clarinet

Instead I could drink less
Loose that glass of wine
But i know come the weekend
That glass I will pine

Travel to new places
Yes this is the one
To travel to places could be such great fun
But where shall I go
What shall I do
Nah another I know I will not see through

I know I will volunteer
Help at the school
But to put me with some children
Would quite simply be cruel.

Spend time with my family
No I’m not sure that’s the one
For my family are terrors
And simply no fun.

So instead I plan to not make
Another resolution
As all of them I am bound to break.

Scarred princess

Little Princess walks
Daddy like a zombie by her side
While her baby brother
In his pram cried and cried and cried

The street ahead are empty
They beckon them forth
To where a hazard laid hid
Tumble tumble to the floor
Is what poor princess did

No time to save her
Daddy quickly runs around
Going to his princess
Who is crying on the ground

Blood was dripping
Just a leaky tap
He ties a hanky tightly around
Looks towards his princess
Still crying on the ground

She is sat in a puddle of her tears
He asks her why she’s crying
“I have mended up you knee”
But Daddy “that’s not why I’m sad you see”

She points towards her dress
Towards a tear
Tells him she’s not a princess
It’s not what princesses wear

Daddy scoops her in his arms
Wipes the tears of pain
Tells her that all those tears are very much in vain

For no matter what does happen
Today and in life you see
You will always be my princess
The best princess to be.

The chair

One door shuts another opens
That’s what they say
But that’s not how my life feels,
Well at least not today
I feel faced with rejection
I feel despair
For I’m an unwanted chair
Th chair that no one sits upon
Because something about it seems quite wrong
It’s the wrong shape it’s the wrong size
It’s a colour that they do despise.
I am the chair that sits alone
Wanting someone to take me home
So they put me on sale
Reducing my price
Yet still no one seems to be enticed
I think that I could be free
Still they never would want me
I am just an unwanted chair
Destined to remain just there.

Dieters countdown to christmas

1st December I put up the tree
The house looking festive
A smiley me
2nd December we make mince pies
I known they’ll soon be devoured
By the man with greedy eyes
3rd December they write there christmas list
Telling good old santa
They want this and this and this
4th December we write out the cards
To aunties to uncles to all the people we know
Wishing them good seasons
And a jolly ho ho ho
5th December it’s panto night
For the children always proves to be
A delight
6th December we go shopping for all the gifts
Hoping that there still is sometime
To get the this and this
7th December it’s time for the festive music to come out
We all dance and jump along
The festive spirit is about
8th December it’s snowman making time
Proudly he stands
Looking simply quite Divine
9th December we visit santa
Telling him all they missed
All the extra bits they want added to that very bulky list
10th December it’s a crafty christmas day
For christmas would not be christmas
With no glitter to display
11th December Christmas movies fill the house
The children sat glued
Quiet as a mouse
12th December they receive Santas reply
Telling them he doing his best to get their list
As long as they don’t spy
13th December it’s a lego Christmas Day
Here we go a making
A lego Christmassy display
14th December time to wrap the presents underneath the tree
Sitting listening to the music
Feeling the festivity
15th December I sit sipping a glass of mulled wine
Knowing I am in control
This christmas will be fine
16th December I am a full of fear
While the husband sat quite relaxed
Sipping an iced cold beer
17th December we make up gifts for school
To wish all the teachers and helpers
A very festive Yule
18th December I make up a food list
Noting all that I will need
From this to this to this
19th December time to hitch a sleigh
Swooping swishing down the hills
It’s almost Christmas Day
20th December it’s again time to bake
Making up of cookies
And of course some christmas cake
21st December the carollers come a calling
They knocking at the door
I open it up and the songs they are a squalling
22nd December we visit the family that we won’t see
Leaving them with presents
Underneath their christmas tree
23rd December we go shopping for all the food
Not forgetting all the drink
But it comes to pay the bill my heart begins to sink
24th December it’s finally Christmas Eve
We spend the day watching santa
And Tracking his sleigh
25th it’s Christmas Day